Hey!  I'm Jen!

I started Jen Thompson Photography with the idea of capturing moments.

Over the last eleven years, it has become so much more than that. I strive to give each of my clients more than just a simple portrait session. My drive is to give them an experience - an incredible one. I bring my creative eye, attention to detail, and crazy, enthusiastic joy to each of my sessions. I love to have fun - each day, and with each client. Whether its a band full of excited middle schoolers, a council woman running for office, a family of five on the cusp of new journeys, or a shy teen who doesn’t see her inner awesomeness - in the end, we’re always laughing. Everyday is an opportunity to bring joy, spice, and life to someone’s day - I’ve always thought ‘Let me be your paprika!’ I want my clients to leave their time with me with an incredible product - and amazing memories.

My Peeps

These people are amazing - just thought you should know!

Meet Jason

One of two loves in my life - the guy currently responsible for keeping me giggling and keeping me sane.
I'm a lucky woman to call him my partner.

Meet Ben

The other love of my life - with the most hilarious dry wit and infectious giggle.
My Husband for over 11 years • We miss you everyday day - always. ​​​​​​​

Meet My Ohana

My besties - my 2nds.  My Littles and Furbabes.  The most amazing crew - and epic holiday card creating team - a girl could ask for.

Jen by Number!

Like paint by number, but with no paint and random fun facts and silly tidbits about Jen! 
Surprised, confused, intrigued - let's chat more!


The Year Jen Launched JTP!


 Number of Tattoos Jen Has!


Years Jen's Been a Vegetarian!


Number of Furbabes and Bonus Kids at Jen's House!


Number of Countries Jen has visited!


Number of books in Jen's Library!